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  • 1) Patients can submit during normal opening hours, but should use 111 after normal opening hours, 999 in any life threatening emergency.
  • 2) Urgent enquiries that have not been responded to within 2 hours or that are deteriorating should call NHS 111 or 999 as appropriate.
  • 3) We aim to respond to all requests within 2 hours however during times of peak demand it may take longer.
  • 4) Please provide as much information as possible with your request. This will help us to ensure you receive the most effective and expedient response.
  • 5) If you are submitting an urgent request, please be aware that in order to see all urgent cases daily we may not be able to offer you a choice in appointment time.
  • 6) If you are submitting a routine request please provide us with as much information about your availability as possible, this will help us to offer you an appropriate appointment time. Appointments after 5pm are limited so please bear this in mind.

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