From the 25th of March we will no longer be accepting prescription requests over the telephone. Please read this for more information as to the reasons for this and what other options are available to you.

Teaching Practice

Forest Health Group is a training practice and is accredited to train doctors intending to become general practitioners, as well as doctors in their foundation years (the two years after qualifying as a doctor). As part of this training process, you may see a doctor in training attached to the practice or you may see this doctor with another of our regular clinicians [a ‘joint surgery’].

Our GP Trainees and our GP trainers will sometimes take a video consultation of patient consultations as part of this training process. You may therefore be requested to agree to such a video recording of your consultation. Your permission will always be requested beforehand and you will be asked to sign a letter of consent. If, after the consultation, you wish to withdraw such consent, this will be possible. There is no obligation for you to agree to such recording.

To remain a training practice, the practice is regularly inspected by Health Education England – Thames Valley, and this inspection may include a review of patient’s clinical records. Doctors specifically approved for this purpose will carry out these assessments.

If you require any further information about either the practice as a training practice or the video recording specifically, please speak to a member of staff.

Our two GP trainers are Dr Sarah Lewandowski and Dr Rachel Boyce.