We are happy to discuss contraception in the surgery. There are numerous methods of contraception available free on the NHS and all of our doctors and nurses are all able to give basic advice. Drs Parkinson and Boyce have undertaken up to date postgraduate training in contraception and sexual health, and have a particular interest in contraception, especially if you are having difficulty deciding which method might be right for you. The NHS website gives good up to date advice on individual methods of contraception:

Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs)

At Forest Health Group we are able to fit and remove intrauterine devices (“coils”), give the contraceptive injection, and fit/remove the contraceptive implant (“nexplanon”). These methods have many advantages; the biggest is that they tend to be much more effective at preventing pregnancy than shorter acting methods. The contraceptive effect lasts between 12 weeks and five years depending on the method chosen.

If you wish to discuss having an IUD (“copper coil”), IUS (“Mirena coil”) or contraceptive implant inserted please make an appointment with the relevant doctor so that he or she can book you for fitting at a convenient time.

All contraceptives given via the NHS in the UK are free of charge.

Young People and Contraception

If you are under 16 you can get contraceptive advice in confidence from your GP surgery. Please click here for more information about contraception and confidentiality in under 16s